Arte&Stili is a company specialising in the supply of top quality and bespoke handmade ceramic tiles, artefacts, and crockery sets from the Amalfi Coast, South Italy. We provide a comprehensive range of stunning products with both traditional and contemporary patterns and designs. The production techniques and finishing processes have remained untouched for centuries: all our products are hand-decorated by leading master artists who use a dense brush of colour to make each piece unique and unrepeatable. We also offer custom-design services including bespoke design and personalized ceramic tiles as well as professional tiling services.

ARTE&STILI Limited was founded in 2015 by Gian Piero Santin, an Italian architect and provides solutions that propose the use of handmade Vietri ceramics.

The ceramic production of Vietri, a city on the Amalfi Coast, is an excellent example of local craftsmanship.
The production techniques and processes reflect the traditional principles which have remained intact for over a century and focus on "Handmade items", where the dense brush of color makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.
The products embrace the whole field of tableware and household objects, expressing particular interest in creating magical environments and refined finishes.

We guarantee assistance and consultancy from qualified staff on the choice of materials, bespoke product design, and development with the possibility of creating your own environment, highly skilled tile installation professionals to guarantee high-quality results.


The History of Ceramic in Vietri
The art of ceramic dates back to the V century B.C. at the time of the Etrurians. In the Middle Ages, ceramic production was a source of prosperity in the numerous pottery centres around Salerno. In the 1700s the production of the “RIGGIOLE” floor tiles increased considerably and these were traded in the whole Mediterranean Basin, different from the Neapolitan tiles for their lighter colours.

The production of ceramics in Vietri sees craftsmen using techniques handed down over the centuries. The decoration is composed by hand using figures and patterns that reflect the Mediterranean culture and way of life. The quality of this craftsmanship makes each handcrafted item a unique Work of Art.

Today the production of ceramic continues in small and large workshops in which artists and craftsmen work on their potter’s lathes as a family tradition, embellishing the stunning villages in the AMALFI COAST, from CETARA to MAIORI and AMALFI with bright colors.