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The handmade ceramic tiles: fire, clay, glazes, handmade techniques. These are the ancient ingredients still present in the workshops that proudly continue the tradition of the pottery of Vietri.

The ceramic tiles that we offer can be tailored in shape, thickness, and can be requested in all ranges of colours. Also, the decorative motives shown in the catalogue can be entirely personalized according to specific design ideas.
The ceramic tile body can be on artisanal or industrial support. The essential difference between the two lies in the body thickness, edges (rounded or sharp) and surface texture.

The cement tiles, are known throughout worldwide under different names (terrazzo tiles, baldosa, etc.). Cement tiles were historically created from reclaimed marble and stone grinds and bound with recycled scraps of marble and stones and cement, then coloured with natural oxides and blended with water.

The number of decorative options making cement tile edgings and carpets that enrich the plain colours, made it possible, and still does today, to obtain floors and claddings of the highest quality, which stand out among the most exquisite flooring in Italy and all over the world.


Ceramic tiles - The handmade support is manufactured with local clay manually molded into wooden molds, it is manually cut into pieces with a steel wire, when still raw, once worked out. It is air-dried for nearly thirty days and then fired. Subsequently, the support is dipped into a white enamel, allowed to dry, decorated by hand, and then fired again at high temperature. The beauty of this tile lies the thickness variable between  1,2 – 1,5 cm, (in the tactile varying surface texture) in the surface which is not completely flat, and the rounded irregular edges.


Ceramic tiles - The industrial support has a thickness of 0,8 cm,a perfectly flat surface and regular edges. Surfaces design products are dipped into a white glaze, let dry and eventually decorated by hand. Colours will be more brilliant and glossy thanks to the traditional process of the double firing, fixing the glaze on the previously fired body.

The Cement tiles are supplied in 25x25 or 20x20 size and 2.7 cm thick and consist of two layers.
The top layer is made of Portland cement, washed clean marble grit and, marble powder and colored oxides to about 8 mm thick; the second layer is a high strength concrete made with selected inert materials and a thickness of about 1.7 cm. The pre-polished tiles can be polished on-site or smoothed and polished prior to being installed on the ground. The crushing and blending of powders of marble and the variability of the raw materials can give rise to different hues in the floors. Marble Grits flooring are available in the following arrangements: Single Decorations, Carpets, Borders, and monochrome.



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