ARTE&STILI Limited was founded by Gian Piero Santin, an Italian architect, in 2015, with the intention of proposing decorative solutions using handmade Vietri ceramics.

Santin, thanks to his experience in the field of project and interior design, advises how to attribute character and identity to your projects, and enhance small and large spaces. Santin has architectural experience across the residential, commercial and retail sectors. 

Along with a highly qualified staff, Santin will walk you through the design process, giving shape to your needs and preferences and orienting the design, according to your style inclinations adding a distinctive flair of Italian sophisticated charm to the project.

Santin takes care of all aspects of a project from conception to completion, including project management.

ARTE&STILI, thanks to their qualified staff, offer assistance and consultancy on the choice of materials, bespoke product design, and development, with the possibility of creating your own environment through highly skilled professionals to guarantee high-quality tile installation.

Santin has developed his project management skills through his involvement in many restoration and renovation projects including architectural and decorative ideas for high-end accommodations in the UK.

Visit and let the projects of Santin inspire you!